Can I choose my homestay family ?

welcome2France will make the student/host matching process after carefully studying the application forms. We will send you your “host family form” (PDF) with the housing description and photos.
In order to select a host family, welcome2France reviews the family's application and interviews the host in their own home. Students also have the option of filling out a survey about their homestay experience. This helps us track the quality of a homestay and is considered when placing future students. If you are unhappy with your initial assignment, please contact us so we may assist you.

Can I go out and come back late at night ?

Absolutely ! Students have their own home key and are free to come and go. They only should tell their hosts about their timetable, so that the family does not worry. You are asked to be quiet when coming back home late at night.

Can I have a guest in my homestay or bring a family member in?

You cannot have guests without your host family’s permission and should check with them for the appropriate hours your guests/family can visit you. Besides, it is not allowed for students to have overnight guests/family in their host's home, as in every homestay program.

Do I have to open a bank account in France ?

It is advised that students open a bank account in France. You may also pay by cash. However you may keep your foreign bank account and make transfers from it. Please note that students paying their housing fees via a foreign bank transfer will have to reimburse the bank fees their bank might have applied to welcome2France. No payment is to be made by students to their host family. All payments for housing fee and all other payments must be made directly to Welcome2France.

I can’t speak French very well : is that a problem ?

No it’s not ! Host families can all speak (at least a little) English and you will always be able to understand each other. Staying is a host family will help you improve your French !

How should I arrange my arrival in Reims ?

No worries. welcome2France provides contact details and let students and hosts make their arrangements. You have to contact your host family as soon as possible in order to tell them your date and time of arrival. Your host family will come and pick you up at the station (Reims-Centre or Champagne-Ardennes TGV).

May I cancel my booking if I change my mind ?

Si vous renoncez à vous loger via Welcome2France, vous devez nous en informer par mail au plus tard 2 mois avant la date prévue de votre arrivée à Reims. Dans tous les cas, les frais d’inscription (70€) restent dus. En cas de désistement moins de 30 jours avant la date prévue de votre arrivée, le premier mois de loyer (360€) ne sera pas remboursé.

I need a housing certificate in order to obtain my visa…

As soon as your homestay booking is confirmed, welcome2France will send a housing certificate to you upon request.

What happens in case of a weekend away or holidays ?

Host families : no worries, students will have their own keys. You can trust them with staying in your home. Students : no worries. You will tell your family you are going so that they do not worry. The full rent is to be paid even if you go on holiday during your stay. However meals will not be due.

For families

Do I have to declare the income to the tax authorities ?

You do not have to declare the income, according to decree 21 (15th February 2010) of the Bulletin Officiel des impôts (« Les profits provenant de la location ou de la sous-location en meublé sont exonérés (…) si le prix de la location demeure fixé dans des limites raisonnables. » )

Do I have to organise visits of Reims for my host student ?

You are free to show them around, but keep in mind that you are not hosting a tourist. Students are very busy with their studies and many events are organized by their school.